A Care Package for Charlie Shrem

A Care Package for Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem was an early Bitcoiner known for having founded the early Bitcoin exchange Bitinstant. Charlie became notorious soon thereafter for having been ...


What should I do today? What should I do today? Man, I wish my buddy Charlie were here. He always had good ideas. Hey, I know, let's send Charlie a package. A care package for Charlie, let's send Charlie something in jail. All right, so you got to help me. I have a little problem.

What's going on? Charlie is in jail. Who's Charlie? Charlie, you know Charlie? Your buddy Charlie? Charlie Shrem. Oh no, what did he do now? BitCoining. That's bullshit. That's what I say. So I got to send him a package and I don't know.

What do you think that I can send him? A toothbrush. A toothbrush? He probably does need a toothbrush. I've been to jail. That's a good idea. The ones they give you are no good. And some slippers.

No, They give you nice sandals. They give you little shitty sandals. Yes. What do you think, maybe he doesn't like it there. What do you think we can send him so that he can break out of the hoosegow? Oh, we're trying to get him out? A spoon. A spoon is not a bad idea.

I did see that on a movie once. And a poster to cover up his hole. A poster to cover up the hole, that's a great idea a spoon and a poster. And a pack of gum to hold the poster on the wall. That's a good idea. What do you think about maybe a file? What does the file contain? Okay, so I'm here at Home Depot and we're gonna go get a file.

I've never bought a file before, so I don't really know what our options are. I assume that they have files both in penitentiary standards and maybe the kind of jail as well. They probably have steel and they probably have iron bars. So, let's go see what the associate has to say. The place is awfully busy on a Saturday. I guess a lot of people have friends in jail.

Sir? Do you work here? Kind of, I'm a third party vendor. Third party vendor? You might be able to help us. Do you know where the files are? The files? I think that they're in this section of hardware. Can you help us find it? I can try to, I'm not...

Yeah, that's cool. Okay. So what kind of YouTube channel is it? Tell me about it. It's a BitCoin channel. We talk about BitCoin. It's a what? Right here.

Perfect, so what kind of files do you have exactly? So send me through this, I've never bought a file before. Files have different uses. Yeah. One's for leveling. Some are curved, like that one rolls. You see how that rolls like that? Some are for wedging, for cutting in.

Like, let's say you want to cut a wedge in something, in a piece of steel. You know, you want it to move somewhere. I think what I've got are bars. They go like this and I want to get one out of the way. Maybe two, so I can get my arm around there and maybe unlock the door. Which one would you use? Probably that one.

Buy that one? I'm doing my best Charlie. Hopefully I get the right one, lets see. Who you getting out of jail? The best file to get you out of jail? I don't know. We can't have video cameras in the building I'm sorry, what? We can't have video taping in the building. Can we just finish? We're almost done, yeah. Unfortunately we can't.

.. But what's that right there? Yeah, that's our corporate camera. People are not allowed to shoot without corporate permission. Hey Charlie, we're already starting to get into trouble. I hope you don't get us in bigger trouble.

Corporate is going to find out about this, and I don't know what happens then. If we do get into trouble, we'll be in there with you soon. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I'll stick this somewhere they won't find it. How does this work? Oh, they scan QR codes here.

Yeah. Do you accept BitCoin? Do we accept what? Do you accept BitCoin? I don't even know what that is. Charlie, we're getting nowhere fast. All right. Is it like a PayPal thing? I'm sorry? Is it like a PayPal type of thing? Yeah, it's kind of like a PayPal. It's internet money.

I think I converted her. All right, now let's get a cake! I think you got to open it, right? Publix is the common choice for south Floridians to get their groceries. Contrary to popular belief it is Pub-Licks and not Pube-Licks which entertains out-of-towners to no end. Oh, there's the cakes. Walked right past it. I think you got to get him an ice-cream one.

Like what do you think, that one right there? You think that will fit? I think it's too small. What about maybe that pie? This one right here? I mean, it's okay if it sticks out a little bit. No you can't have it stick out at all. You don't think so? I don't think so. So we need the pie? Maybe the pie would work. Yeah, because they are probably used to checking for cakes.

They won't even guess a pie. What do you think? Okay, wait. It'll fit. It'll definitely fit. It's really close. No, it's perfect dude.

That's the way to do it. Look at those carrot cakes down at the end. I love carrot cake. Oh, perfect. Awesome. It'll fit right? Yeah, perfect.

It's for Charlie, he's in the clink. We're going to get him out. Oh that's awesome man. Yeah, we're good friends. You know, no. Tell us? I have nothing to say to you.

You got to help those in need. Yeah... Especially our brothers in the clink, man. Especially our brothers in the clink.

It's true. I spent a couple days in the hoosegow once, and nobody sent me a cake. That's a bigger fear than sharks for me. The clink. Stay away from there. Should we take it to the front? I think so.

Carrot cake is awesome. Yeah, at the very least he can enjoy carrot cake, right? You're going to sneak that? You're so clever. Oh that's, I'm sorry, you're right. We bought that elsewhere. We just want a cake. That's to break out of prison.

It's for Charlie. He knows what we're doing. I don't know. What are you filming? We're filming for our YouTube channel. Charlies in jail and we're going to get him out. We're going to send him a cake, with a file.

Oh, I was just joking when I said that. Good idea. Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. Who's Charlie? We're receiving affirmation from all the most important people. I think everyone gets this plan.

It's gonna work. He didn't do it. He didn't do it. Damn right he didn't do it. How are you today? Are you filming? We're with corporate. This is a.

.. No. ...

assessment. No it's not. There is no filming in the store guys. Charlie is going to be so excited. Oh, carrot cake, delicious. Look, it works.

That does say, it does work. You can't even see it. It's all up in there. Perfect. Yeah, that's right. That's right.

Charlie, care of the pen. Here you go Charlie! All done. What's this? Oh, it's a package. Oh, it's a package for Charlie. Looks fine to me!