Does Bitcoin Have Value?

Does Bitcoin Have Value?

Many have weighed in on whether and how Bitcoin would come to be used in our modern economy, but the core question of whether Bitcoin actually has value ...


Are we running a reality TV show? Hi. Alexis. Yes. Who brought you out here tonight? I came here with my friend, Chloe; love her. Don't say my name. Okay.

I came here with my friend. Let me have you actually stare at . . . put your body . .

. Can you scooch over? Are you . . .? I'm trying to center you. I'm trying to keep you in the center.

Put your body like this and then look over like that. Is this real? Yeah. How would you explain the new office setup? I would think it's very disorganized and awful, I would say. How do I get a hat like that? Don't encourage that. Hey, let me ask a question. How do I get a hat like that? My nigga.

Oh, can I say that, since I'm famous? I've been drinking. I'm impressed. Hey, the hat. Okay. It gave me a confidence boost, so I hear you. Do you want this? This helped me too, to be honest.

You wear glasses? Yeah, of course I wear glasses. That's the most random thing. It's so good though. I love it. You should clip it to your nipples. What have you been doing today, Alexis? Drinking.

That's all warm and shit. All right. What is value? Value is like the worth that stuff has. Are you trying to keep Fort Lauderdale a secret, Alexis? I didn't know you were in my scene exactly, but it's okay that you are, that's fine. So I'm sharing the . .

. I thought this was my thing. Can you take the glasses off? Not a fucking chance. I've been drinking. What's your AltCoin trading strategy? So I buy high and sell low. Amen, brother.

That's what I do. That's how you make the most, buy high sell low. Niggas. I say that every day all day, I think it's the funniest thing ever. Yeah, but you're a . .

. I'm a girl. It's okay, you can say that. No but I don't even do that. I just think it's funny to say that. I tell people I buy high and sell low.

Oh. I thought you were saying, niggers Oh no. What? That's what you were talking about. Wait, what? Buy high and sell low? Is that a dig at me? No. I thought that you were talking about it this whole time. Was what? Saying nigger.

Nigger. Yeah. You can't say nigger. You can say that, though. No, I can't. You can't either.

Girls are able to. No, girls and boys are the same. You can't say nigger. No, it's not the same. You can say it; you can get away with it. Unless there's a nigga in the room.

Otherwise you can say whatever you want. I'm a nigger. Nigga! I can also say it, I'm Jewish. So I'm in on it. I been drinkin! Alexis, when did you first hear about Bitcoin? Christopher told me about it. And what did you do with it? Fucking nothing.

I didn't even believe it was real, to be honest. What is money? Money is things that make you rich and also money sucks but we all need it, right? That's why we need Bitcoin, hashtag Bitcoin. That was more awkward than anything I ever came up with What do you mean your shows? I meant to ask you about this? I do a show every day. I've got 120 so far. A hundred and twenty shows? What's your show? What does that mean? I answer questions. You what? People ask me questions and I answer them.

What do they ask? Questions like that. What is value? What is value? Hey, turn it around. No. You answer. You're wearing the hat. What is value? Value is something that makes you feel better.

That is the definition of value. Right? What got you into Bitcoin? What got me into Bitcoin? I heard a story that there is this site that sells drugs online. I heard it on the news, like actual news. So I was interested out of academic curiosity, like how does this even happen? Just because I was interested. So I looked into it and apparently there was this type of money that was computer money and people pay for stuff -- drugs, essentially. That's all people buy with it at this point.

You keep me young, Art. So it was like my mom, my dad, and my grandma. My grandma's like 100 million years old. She's literally sitting at the table trying to put down the corn and can't. And I'm like, "Oh God, this shit again?" And next thing you know my boyfriend is screaming. He's like, "You fucking asshole .

. ." I'll get that. I'll take that for you. Keep going. Hello? We're, the food's here.

. What's your name at AllCoin? AllCoin? Now it's Monero because it's secret and stealthy. Alexis, what happened last night? Last night. Oh my God last night, okay. So I went out with my friend, Lauren. She's a disaster zone.

We started at Vega Lounge. That's the only place I thought we went, until this morning. She woke me up and the Comcast guy was there on the computer doing Comcast things and she was like, "Where's my phone?" And I was like, "What the fuck? Where am I? Forget your phone." So I woke up and here's a like . . .

and I'm like, "Why are you on the computer? Shouldn't you be on the TV, Comcast?" Then I go, "What happened last night?" She said, "We went to Vega." And Chloe, what else? Briny. Briny, forgot that, and what else? Singers. Oh my God, and Singers. What happened after Singers, Lex? Nothing happens after Singers. Is that a jail? What happened after Singers? Nothing happens after Singers.

Nothing. I went to someone's parents' house. What happened after Singers? I went to someone's parents' house. I went to someone's house and there were parents there. And I freaked out, and there was a dog, it was cute, I loved it actually. And then I went nuts and I was like, "I can't be here because your mom and dad are probably going to make me do laundry in the morning or something weird," and then I left that place.

Oh my God and then I called a customer, my biggest customer. I called him at three fifteen by accident and he texted me and he said, "Are you okay? You called me at three fifteen." And I wrote back, "Yes. Are you okay, too?" He said, "Yeah, of course. Everything okay?" I said, "Yeah are you?" He said, "Yeah, are you?" I said, "Yeah, are you?" So that happened this morning around noon when Comcast showed up. I found it interesting that drug dealers are giving out drugs in exchange for this magical money stuff.

And I'm not a big expert on drugs or drug dealers but I understand that drug dealers don't just hand out stuff lightly. Drugs have certain value to certain people. They need drug dealers. If I was a drug dealer I'd hand it out. So if a drug dealer is exchanging drugs for magic money, in essence, the magic money has to have value. What would you tell others they need to know about Bitcoin? I would say .

. . can we shut the camera?