How can I vote in the Counterparty election? Version 2 ( UPDATED! )

How can I vote in the Counterparty election? Version 2 ( UPDATED! )

This video is an update to the previous version of the same name, which demonstrates how the Broadcast-based voting procedure works. The initial version had ...


What's up party people? Chris DeRose here, Community Director of the Counterparty Foundation. This is a weird video for me. I did a video last week on which we were talking about how to vote in the new up coming elections. Well, we had a change of plans. So this video is going to address those changes in plans. I'm going to show you the new and updated procedures.

You can read more about what the deal is on the forums. There's good technical reasons why we had to change this last minute but I want to make sure you are on the same page as the foundation so let me show you in this revised update how to vote in the 2015 Counterparty elections. Try two! So before we get started we're going take a look at the voting results as they currently stand just so we have something to use as a frame of reference. That's available at and we can see here that am doing pretty well. Devon's in the second, Robert's in the third, JP is in fourth.

Now let's open up our wallet. We log in to our counterwallet, just like we always do. And once our counterwallet loads, let's take a look at our xcp balance. Here I see that I have a little over 784 xcp and I'm going to broadcast some text. This text is going to be the magic word, XCP Elections followed by your candidate number. We'll get to that in a second.

The value being broadcast is the amount of votes going to that candidate. When I click the broadcast button, I've cast my vote. It's important you understand that there's four candidates and you can check out the master list of candidates below, I will include that in the description, and for whoever you want to vote for, you can just put in their number after the xcp election word and that will get tallied towards that candidate. Note that in this example, I cast my entire balance to that candidate but you don't have to. You can quite easily do half of your balance to one candidate, half to the other or just do 25% to each candidate. I don't what problem that would solve but the point is that, it has to add up to the number that you have of XCP in your wallet.

So now we wait for our broadcast to finish and this could take a little while. Just be patient. Note that you can actually close your window during this process because it's already been relayed in the main pool. The broadcast has been entered into the blockscan it has confirmed and so am just gonna go back to the original page here to see if the votes have been adjusted on the page. We see that indeed it has.

That's it. Nice and easy. So that's it. I think this is the procedure that's going to last for a while now and it's certainly enough to get to the election and I think that there should be no more up endings here in the procedure. We should be good to go and am really looking forward to seeing the results of this election. It's a first for us so bear with us.

We're doing this for the first time as well, and we're making mistakes trying to explore how to do this the right way in the future. As always, I really appreciate you listening and if you have any questions about the election or you want to know something that hasn't been addressed by this video go ahead and leave them in the comments below, participate in the forums, or tweet me @DeRosetech. And if you like this video subscribe to my channel. Later party people!