MONEY : The Poem

MONEY : The Poem

On this episode, we're going to feature something a little romantic for you all. We're going to explore the softer side of geo-political power, by way of a Poem, ...


I'm here at the Ernest Hemingway house, and I found a person out front whose name is? Erin. Erin, who is writing poems I think, based on what, whatever I request? Is that true? Yes. And how long have you been doing this down here? Is this something that has been like a year's endeavor? Or, is this something that you just started today? It started in 2013, but it has been very off and on, so not the whole way through. And, what brought you to the Keys? What actually preceded this? I was looking for an adventure on a sailboat. That's pretty cool. I mean this is probably a place where you'd normally find that.

And what got you into poetry? Well, a friend of mine was doing just this in New Orleans. Actually in New Orleans there are several street poets and it's kind of a change in crew. It's always fluctuating the number but it's sort of become a cultural phenomenon there. Really? Interesting. Tell us about your equipment. So, explain to me your setup exactly.

How does this work? If I would like a poem written, you ask me for a topic or a theme and then what happens from there? How is this all involved? Then I would write it on the typewriter, and it would take 5 or 10 minutes and then I give it to you. And what type of typewriter is that? I haven't seen something like that in a very long time. It's a Royal Mercury portable typewriter from the '70s. Where did you find that? Did you find that here in the Keys, or was that something you brought back from New Orleans adventure? No, I got it on eBay; it's a little bit less romantic. My first typewriter was from the '40s and it was like the kind Hemingway had. With glass keys and the black metal heavy body, it's a lot bigger than this so, for traveling I just got this one.

Gotcha. And do you think the spirit of Ernest Hemingway is channeled through you here at the gates? Do you think that helps you to write better poetry? I don't know. In some way, probably. So, my channel is about digital currency and specifically about bitcoin. What do you know about either of those topics? I think bitcoin is kind of an alternative way of financing or operating without money, something like that. Okay, that's a close start.

It is a form of money, amongst many things. So that's what my channel talks about and it's probably what I'd ask for a poem about. But since you don't know much about bitcoin, maybe a more broader context. Could you write a poem about, I guess money? Do you think that would be something you could write a poem for me about? Yeah, sure. Yeah, you would like to do a poem about money? Okay, so then how does this work? Do you have a fixed rate that I pay you? Or do you give it to me and then I decide how much it's worth? How does that go? Yeah, you can pay whatever you want. Okay, I like that.

Well, let's see what you come up with and then I'll read it to the audience. No, no she reads it. Oh, you're going to read it. Yeah okay, you read it, even better. I like it, great. All right.

So we will check it out. I guess we'll watch you do this poem. You take your time; as long as it takes and we're just gonna hang out. Okay, thanks. Give her a QR code. I thought about it.

All right, so I'm really excited, I want to hear the poem that you have written about money for us. Let's do it. Okay. Money is talking in buttermilk tones like honey in coffee she sifts through the foam. Her message is clear in my ear ever droning, she calls me her dearest, she tells me she's lonely. Money is coming and promising fixes, she'll show me the ocean, she'll grant all my wishes, she'll publish my poems, she'll hang all my pictures, she'll build me a home, she'll match all my visions.

Money has holes in the back of her eyes and gaps in her soul and glass in her size. Money is old now, she doesn't realize, she's dug her own pit and she's sitting inside it. That's wonderful. I love it; I couldn't have said anything close to this. You did a great job, I'm totally, totally impressed. Here we are, it's very authentic, I am going to keep this in my novelty collection here, maybe even put it up on the wall, I don't know.

Well, thank you so much. You don't take bitcoin do you? No. I don't think you do since you haven't heard of it. So all I have is on fiat, I have 5 bucks for you. Okay. Which hopefully that'll suffice this wonderful poem.

Now if somebody wants to buy one of your poems themselves, how does it work? How does it work? Do they have to come down to the Keys? Do you have a website or something? Yeah, they just have to find me. And do they walk the streets and by chance they might find the lone poet, that is you? And that is their only chance at acquiring one of these beautiful poems? Yep, that's it. All right. Well guys, I wish you all luck in finding her, but you did a wonderful job for me today. Thank you, very much. Thank you.

I love it.