#redditrevolt - fatpeoplehate, Ellen Pao and the future of reddit

#redditrevolt - fatpeoplehate, Ellen Pao and the future of reddit

Reddit Revolt! Ellen Pao, the new chairman of Reddit has begun her SJW war of priviledge and redditors are not taking it lightly. While hamplanethatred ...


What's up party people this is Chris DeRose -- Community Director at the Counter Party Foundation -- and today I'm going to address a topic that's a little bit of a problem for us in the community right now. It's a big issue, I don't hear enough people talking about it, and I really think this deserves a lot of attention. That issue is the Reddit-Revolt. I'm here to make fun of the fat people! Chairman Ellen Pao has an obvious history that you can look up online -- to skip all of the details and to leave out a lot of the embarrassing parts -- there is a history by which she sued her ex-boss Kliener Perkins for some amount of money for a dispute arising from discrimination in the workplace. She lost that lawsuit. And, fresh on the heels of that lawsuit, which really she hung her hat on, she decided to come to Reddit.

She decided to come to Reddit and lead our community -- which is probably an oxymoron -- but we'll get into that in a second. She came to our community and she took all the baggage from this lawsuit with her. She announced her cause in many papers and journals as that of bringing equality and justice and these sorts of things to the internet -- which on the surface sounds like it's fine. Most people are into that. What they don't understand is that Ellen Pao's brand of justice takes a very specific form. And we've seen this already.

That form first and foremost is censorship. I mean, being gay is a questionable choice. So, that would make sense to me, I think. We've never had this on Reddit before. The closest thing we had was the jail bait removal, which was kind of like the slippery slope that I think we found ourselves through here. That was sort of the first step on this path, and of course putting Ellen Pao in charge is now continuing that to a significantly greater degree.

Now what we've seen is that fat people hate and few other communities that have been targeted by her. And you know it's easy to say, "Yeah, they were bad communities", I mean I didn't visit these communities, so I get that. But there's a big problem. Once you start censoring, now you've A - stopped becoming a common carrier. B - assume some level of liability for moderation and C - are going to be forced to draw lines and that's where it gets really, really tricky. Because you don't know where those lines are going to be drawn and the lines are being draw arbitrarily.

The gender binary is called a binary for a reason. So there's two of them. So that one makes sense to for me. There's all kind of terrible sub-Reddit's that I would never want to be associated with, and they're seemingly okay by Ellen Pao's standards. So the question of course then is why is fat people hate okay but shooting black people in the face -- not okay, or okay? I don't know what the delineation is. But she opened that can of worms and now she's going to have to live with that.

If there are any kale loving -- like Sub-Reddits devoted to kale love -- that's stupid, so that would have to go? What this really gets into is what is the Reddit communities role in all of this? We've always managed the site ourselves, this has always been our thing. It was merely a set of form and tools for reputation management. And the moderators of each Sub-Reddit were the people that were deciding. If you didn't like a community, you could join another community. And you know, I don't think that Ellen Pao really used Reddit much. I don't know what her history is like, I would love to see someone cover it, but I get the impression she came to Reddit thinking she would fix all this bad behavior.

I'm sure that they want to sell more advertisements on Reddit. I would think that they probably feel that some of these Sub-Reddits are hurting their advertising potential. So I think Ellen Pao's solution was to remove those Sub-Reddits. But there's a lot that goes with that in addition to all these other concerns. So, first and foremost, I think what this social justice warrior don't understand is that you can censor people's opinions, but you won't succeed in censoring them outside of our silo. So if I were going to ban any Sub-Reddit, I mean, if I were Chairman Pao, I would probably ban the bromeys.

So, that one has to go. So on forums online and communities online, these opinions are going to be hashed out elsewhere. Probably what that means is that these opinions will be more marginalized and more extreme. You won't have as many people hitting that forum and hitting that repository with their views, because they've been marginalized. And that's where is probably gets even weirder. You probably see that to a little degree with 4chan, I don't know.

I rather like 4chan, I think most people do, but you probably see that with a little degree there. You have people that are really ramp'd up in this echo chamber that was their own little marginalized area. So, I would say that we should also consider getting rid of any Sub-Reddits that have to do with wife beating, meth smoking, being clowns, our juggalos probably have to go. But another problem I think with this whole social justice platform is this notion that if we have to use censorship, moderation and force to achieve social justice, you've rendered yourself redundant. You've cancelled out your entire goal. You are no longer performing social justice, now you are becoming the chairman of the Communist Republic that Ellen Pao has been characterized as.

I don't know exactly where things are going to go from here. You know, I reminded myself of the switch to Digg. When we switched from Digg to Reddit, at the time -- I'm in the Award Reddit 8-year club -- at the time Digg was really successful. They made a software change or two and that software change completely backfired. Everybody hated it. They went to a more moderated format.

They completely destroyed the community, in a matter of two months! The entire community had left and had gone to Digg -- gone to Reddit -- and that was that. So I don't know if Reddit has two months, I don't know if Reddit has two years, I don't know if maybe everyone's okay with this, although I doubt that. I think what will happen is that if Chairman Pao keeps on stepping up the censorship, tries to clean up the community in a way that is becoming of her baggage from her prior job, I think that that's going to backfire tremendously on her and on the community. I have tried out Voat -- V-O-A-T, and it's a perfectly suitable Reddit competitor. I'm not going to say I'm switching there yet, but I will say that that site is looking like a great replacement site and we can switch in a matter of two months if we had to, just like we did with Digg. It could happen to Reddit.

Chairman Pao -- don't make us do it! So, I was in Tijuana a couple of years ago, and I paid 5 bucks to see the donkey show, and it got rained out, and I didn't get my money back. So, Mexico has to go. That's it. I think that's an explanation of the issues. I don't know where we go from here, I think we should have to sit and wait. It's a disconcerting direction that we're heading in with some of these changes.

And I think that there's a lot more shadow banning happening right now, which is a whole another conversation. I don't know how that ramp'd up, but I won't be surprised if that's another scandal. If Chairman Pao is starting to shadow ban people that are incompatible with her beliefs. We shall see. She's certainly removed posts that she didn't like, so who knows where that ends. I know.

Some place else. Later party people! If you like this video and you want to see some more, subscribe to my channel. There's plenty of other topics. I usually focus on Bitcoin, but all thing Reddit are typically included and all things BitCoin. So I'd love to have you around. And if you have any questions, just ask me.

On Twitter, I'm DeRosetech, and I'm out. Later party people! I don't know what this Chairman's stuff's all about, but I just want to deliver the package and get the hell out of here!