The Book of Satoshi Editor Phil Champagne Interview

The Book of Satoshi Editor Phil Champagne Interview

Who was the man the created Bitcoin? And why the name Satoshi Nakamoto? What do we know about this person, and what did Phil uncover in his new book?


So I'm here now with Phil. What's your last name? Champagne. Champagne? Yes. Like the wine. Phil Cham-, yeah. Okay, great.

Phil Champagne. And I found this tucked away in the corner of the NABC. And I looked at it at first, and it looked almost like a Bible, and I thought, "What the heck is going on?" And I got to it, and it was the book of Satoshi, and it was written by Phil. So, Phil, welcome to my channel. This is the Chris DeRose Party Time Channel. And tell me a little bit about what you set out to do with this book.

So, the book is really meant as a piece of history, or at least, future history, because it covers the first two years, or the year, the two-year history of the writings of Satoshi on forums, writings describing how Bitcoin works, and answer all those questions. So, it covers that, and through that you go through the concept of how people were expecting about the potential success or not. And it was not like a given at that time, so that's very interesting. But the reasoning, what I thought is, I was interested to know a little bit more about what he'd done, what kind of explanation. I realized actually, it was not easy to go through all, even though you can pick up everything. You need to have some context, and then you have to read what the others have said, or what is it he replied to, or something like that.

And then you get all that, and some are not as interesting, depending on your background. So, I realized it was actually, a double-whammy could be done. It's like, okay, collecting this, and it would be a good purpose for people to get to learn how it is from Satoshi himself, and to eventually, also, be a piece of history as well. So, tell me then, is it his writings, his white-paper in the book? Is it his forum posts? Are there emails maybe? Do you have any emails? Yes, private email exchange as well. Wow. Who did you go through for that? I went to a few of them and asked them, "Okay, can you exchange?" One which was the most secretive about it is Gavin Anderson, because he only exchanged to me one that he's been giving to anyone, and not the others.

Because he says that he doesn't want to share information, a private email exchange with somebody else, unless he gets permission from the other person, which he never got before. But he never asked. These are things that may come out then in 50 years, or something like that. We shall see. Maybe people need a generation to go by or something. If the NSA grabs Gavin's hard drive.

Yeah. It's a big piece of history. Tell us about Satoshi the man. Do you think you really have any insight into who he was outside of his broadcasts? What do you think? I've seen so much speculation on that. It's difficult. I tend to believe it's just one person.

I do as well. And I can believe he's a guy and he's likely not Japanese, but other than that, that's pretty much it. But the only piece of interest is in the block chain, the Genesis block. I pulled up a title from Times, which is in England. So you go and "Chancellor is on brink of second bailout" now. So, okay, why he picked that up, instead of writing anything new? It was okay, "Is he in Europe or is he in.

.." That's the only piece that you might think of as a glimpse of maybe his ... So, that is really that little insight you have into who he is? That's the only thing I would say, yeah, even though it's not really foolproof.

Yeah. And what are his politics? Do you think you have any greater insight other than what the basic stuff is we've all heard? Do you think maybe he was a libertarian? Or an anarchist? Or all of these things? I think that he's got the common position that pretty much all of those guys in cryptography has, where you know, they don't like the State. Like the guy who did PGP, for example, Zimmerman. Zimmerman? Yeah, Phil Zimmerman. And so, I'm getting impression that's pretty much his same kind of thinking. To have the idea of starting a currency like that, I think it shows.

Do you think that the you're the first Bitcoin historian. Is that a title that you would accept? Is that who you are? Well, yeah, here's the thing. Like I mentioned a few times, in 1946-47, World War II had just finished, and it was still considered news for everybody. It's so fresh that it was still news. It was not history as all. And we're still in that mode right now.

Bitcoin's six or five years old, six, and it's barely seen yet as a... I mean, it's too young to be considered anything else. So, probably 10 years, 15 years, and so on, we're talking about an equivalent, 1960s, or World War II. Now, after a second generation that comes up, was born when Bitcoin was created, you know, they were born in, then you start to have just with society's take on this, and it will become much more history.

And at that time, maybe I could be getting that title, but I mean, it's not that exhaustive. Right. So, it's not that unlikely that Satoshi, himself, is going to watch this. He knows you wrote a book, and he'll search for you. So, ask him, Satoshi. What question do you have for him, more than any other, would you like to say?` Well, if I could have an answer for it, yeah.

Satoshi, if you're listening... How...

...dropping an answer is totally appreciated. Optional, but appreciated. What do you think is going to happen now? Because, I mean, when I read his expose is 2010, 2009, the perspective that he had at that time was that it was more uncertain fully how it is.

If this thing really takes off, that kind of comment he post talks. So now, with what we've seen, and for us to know even more, now that we're at this point, what is his perspective of what's coming in five years. Yeah, probably just knowing too, what he thinks of what's happened. I wonder, amongst many things, if he thinks it's getting too corporate? If maybe that's what he likes to see or what he doesn't? I think a lot of his initial stuff was very, borderline anarchist, maybe. And I see this becoming very professional as an industry, and then you have to wonder, "Does this get adopted by the banks?" And if it does, does that mean that Satoshi is metaphorically rolling in his grave? Or is he just like, "Well, this thing that I created had beauty and it worked"? I don't know. So yeah, Satoshi.

Feel free to write a comment here on the YouTube video if you want to weigh in. So, I need to read this book, because I'm a little obsessed with this man. I want you to sell me this book. How much does it cost? So, 0.06 Bitcoin right now. Chris.

Okay, 0.06 Bitcoin right now, which is how much US? So, $14. Fourteen dollars. It's for sale on Amazon? Yes. It's for sale on Amazon. I thumbed through it, guys, and I was very impressed with what I saw.

It seemed very thorough. And how many pages is this going to have? Uh, 400 pages, 398. And how many words roughly, do you know? How many words? I don't know. That's okay. I'm used to writing articles where I know what my word budget is, but I've never written a book before, so I don't know if you guys are as on top of that. All right, so give me a QR Code.

Forgive me, can I scan it? And, I'm using my mycelium wallet today. No, I'm getting them out too small. Your amount reset over there. Using the Watching That Info app? It's a good app, too. I've been using Airbitz on a preliminary basis right now, and I'm going to do a follow-up video with them. But I'll share with you my thoughts on the Airbitz software.

So far, it's very promising. Okay, it is indeed 0.06 Bitcoin, and here we go. I am sending it to you, typing in my super-secret password, and you have made a sale. How many have you sold so far? Is this the first one? No, I've sold like four or five. That's pretty good because the conference has just gotten started.

So, this is one of my first interviews. I intend to read this at the soonest... I may want to do a follow-up interview, or a review, Depending on what I have time for. Yeah.

But I really appreciate your time. I wish you luck with this book. And I really am very impressed with this book, so if you guys are looking for some reading that's kind of light-hearted, from what I've seen thus far. It's not like, what I'm used to, where it's like applied cryptography, or these types of concepts. It's more of a historical thing. So, great.

Thanks again. All right, thank you. Take care. I really appreciate it. Good luck today.