Ultra Music Festival 2015 - SHOW ME THE MONEY

Ultra Music Festival 2015 - SHOW ME THE MONEY

Chris DeRose goes on the streets of Miami to get the inside story on what this year's Ultra Music Festival is all about, from the fans themselves. We capture the vibe, the fun, and most of all - tried to figure out what the f*ck we're busting ass for on this little rock in the middle of outer space.


What's up party people? What's up party people? What's up, party people? Welcome to Miami, baby! What's up, party people? Right here, party people. We have the weed pops on deck. I got my events mixed up. This Ultra Fest 2015. I'm kind of high. I'm eating the lollipops.

I'm on the OG Kush, and I got the strawberry cough on deck, the two most potent strands. This is to all the stoners out there. If you're not out here, you need to be out here. You're fucking up. Next big event we'll be at is Coachella, yeah. See you there.

With that, I'm introducing a new segment for the show, "Show Me the Money." Show me the money, goddamnit. Tell us where we're at today. For the people who don't know where we're at, tell us a little bit about what we're doing here. We're in Miami, bitch. And yeah, I'm from Toronto, and yo, my parents think I'm in Montreal.

I'm Portuguese. My parents don't let me do anything, so you don't have to lie to them, or whatever. It's all good. I'm having the time of my life. I'm on the beach. No comment? No, I got plenty of comments.

So this is Ultra. Maybe we should tell the audience that. Yeah. What is Ultra to you? Ultra Music Festival is a rave. It's also where all the new music from the summer's gonna come out from the Winter Music Conference. No, winter.

.. Conference for music? It's a music conference. Yeah. I said it right first, right? Yeah, I'm kinda drunk. I'm 21, so I'm legal.

Is it plugged in? Yeah, it is. Yeah, so we're good. I was admiring your jewelry. Oh, thanks. I have tons of it. We're here.

So let me ask you something. Yeah, ask me. What is money to you? Money to me is pretty valuable, because I come from Canada, and I exchange a couple of dollars. And the currency's not that great for Canada, and it's the first time that it's not that great. And, yeah, it's pretty expensive, and stuff in Miami's not that expensive, but the clubs are expensive. They're worth it but they're expensive.

But if you were talking to an alien from another planet, and you had to explain to him what it is that money is, where would you start? How would you start that dialogue? Money is how you turn up. So what should somebody know about Ultra that's never been before? About Ultra? Yeah. What do you see, and what are you experiencing that you think the audience should hear? Live music. Live music, partying, I don't know. Now, you say you didn't have a ticket, though. No! I need to buy a ticket.

And is it hard to buy tickets? Yes. Expensive. Did you think you could come down and get tickets then? And you thought that wouldn't be a problem, and it's not turning out to be so easy? Yeah, and if we had IDs. Money. Oh, man, you really gotta work hard for it. I feel like money can't explain.

.. You don't always make money. You can't always make experience, so just make money while you can. Make the experience. You only live one life.

Just fucking live life, dude. So is Ultra a money-free zone, then, or... No, it's not money-free zone. You're gonna be broke for a.

.. Fuck it! I had to sell my dog! What are you excited about the most? What are you here to see more than anything else? I don't know, just the whole music experience, like the whole culture down there, everyone together, I just love it. What is the culture? What is the music experience? I don't know. The entire experience, coming down here for a three-day event to see the most top DJs in the world is so exciting to me. My favorite DJ is Kago.

He's gonna be here tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to go back to the real world tomorrow. But I'm having an unbelievable experience here at Ultra. And you were here yesterday? You were watching the show yesterday? Yeah. What was the highlight yesterday? Probably being in the center of the crowd, everyone around you. Everyone gathers here for this experience. And seeing the best DJs, it's such a great vibe in there.

What do you want to tell all your jealous friends abck home? We wish you were here! Whoo! Come over here. So tell me who are you. I am the king! I am the king! I am the king! Answer me this question. What is money? What is money to you? What is money made of? What is money? Happiness. Money's happiness. Interesting.

I love that answer! Money is dead! But without money, you can't live. Do you wanna be on the show? Here, come on the show! Why don't you tell us? I'd love to hear your opinion. Come on over. Don't be shy. How could you get in? You have to buy a ticket? How do you buy a ticket? With money, right? But now, cuddly kittens are happiness. So are cuddly kittens money? No.

All right, ready? Ten seconds, so make it quick. What is money? Money is the root of all evil. So that which is evil is money. Yeah. Let's all be evil. Okay, I'll take it.

Sounds like a lot of people from all over the world are here. There are a lot of people from all over the world. And have you been in to Ultra before, or it's your first time? I went to Ultra in '08. I didn't think I was gonna come back because I had too much of a good time. And I was like, "Fuck. I can never top that off.

" Am I allowed to swear in the stand? You can say whatever the fuck you want. Awesome. All right, so I ran into these three running down the streets of Miami here, and why don't you introduce yourself? I'm Lauren Pikachu. I'm Stephanie. I'm Tony, a half-ass ash. I love the Pikachu outfit for sure.

So is this your first Ultra? Have you been to Ultra before? No, this is actually my third Ultra and my first year working for Ultra. You work for Ultra? Yes, I'm a promoter for Ultra. Totally cool. How has that been? Fun? It's been awesome. It's a great company. It's a more amazing music festival.

It's been a great time, honestly. So you saw me, and you looked at my shirt. And you said, "Oh, you know what bitcoin is." Yes. Why don't you tell them? What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a type of online currency which is untraceable, and I know you mine it somehow. I'm not completely sure on how that works, but I know that it's international currency.

Do you think bitcoin has a familiarity amongst the people here? I definitely think so. Of course, there's always the more dark side of bitcoin I think everyone knows about, the battle of the darknet. I think so. Everyone likes them here I'm pretty sure. Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone has a little bit of familiarity with bitcoin here. Do you think this might actually be the heart of the darknet markets manifested in physical space? Without.

.. Uhh... What is money? Life.

Tits. Money buys... Tits. Okay.

I love the answers here today. Great, guys, knock them dead. Have a good time. My man! What is money? That's really hard. Yeah, I know. I can't answer that.

Fair enough. I can't answer that. I don't know that I can either. Okay, great. Have a really nice ady. I appreciate you on the show.

She was wonderful. What is money? What is money to you? What does money represent? What is it made of? What is money? Money is something that we have to work for to accumulate things we want, and everyone wants it. This is just ask you for how hard you're willing to work, and you can show people by what you make, how hard you're willing to work for something that you really love. So money is always labor. So if you inherit money, and you didn't work for it, does that still make it money? Yeah, it's still money, yeah. Even though you didn't work for it yourself.

Yes. Yep. So then what is money? Currency. Yeah, currency. Green paper, it can be whatever you want it to be. So is gold currency? Yes.

But that's not green paper. It's currency. Okay, so currency is always money. No. So introduce yourself. What's your name? I'm Hadley Ross.

Hi, Hadley Ross. Can we have you step up a copule feet here? You can call me Boo. I can call you what? Boo? And where are you from, Boo? I am from Portland, Maine, and I just moved down to Florida. That's wonderful, and what part of Florida did you move down to? Estero, near Naples and Fort Meyers. And is this your first Ultra? yeah. Okay, so I got a weird question for you, what I'm asking everyone today.

What is money? What is money? It's a currency. So currencies are money. Currency is money, yes. Money is an object of value that you exchange for other items of value. That's a pretty good answer. So is gold a currency? Yes.

No. Gold is an object of value that you would exchange money for. Gold is a currency. I see, interesting. If you are a pirate, gold is currency. Oh, so only if you're a pirate is gold currency.

So introduce yourself. Who are you? My name's Pink Scalene. I'm from Miami. Can't stand the people here though. Can't stand the girls. They think they're all that.

I love biking. I love girls not from Miami. That's pretty much it. All right, what brought you out today? Well, I love this music festival because everyone gets together. They all like to dance, but I don't really like people. I don't know, just the enthusiasm and the girls.

Here, come a little closer. Enthusiasm and the girls. Yeah, that makes sense. So tell me, what is money to you? What does money mean? What is it exactly? I guess at a very young age, we all have no concept of money and the concept of a dollar, but money means everything to me. Money over everything except education. Knowledge is power.

Money is the keystone in this world. Nothing can be achieved and done without it. Well, what is money exactly? What is it made of, or how does it get to be money? Well, people have certain emphasis on it, and it's subjective of how you feel about it. Wealth is valued very high. It's some expensive type of paper you can get, obviously, and it's just..

. I don't know, the mental label on it, the mental value on it. It is what it's worth, but not so much, because inflation and deflation happens, as we know. So money is scarce paper? Is that what money is? It's a piece of paper that's the gateway to almost anything you wanna do that's possible in reality. So gold, would that be money? It's a reality treasure. That's what I'll say.

It's a reality treasure. Yeah. So money is a reality treasure? Yeah, make anything a reality just about. I love it. That's the new one for me. I'll take it.

Thank you. Have a great time today. I appreciate you being on the show. Money's a reality treasure. I like it. I'm just out here, just looking at all these people.

You live in Miami? Yeah, we from Miami, yeah, right here, right here in Miami, man. We here, and... What part of Miami are you from? Liberty City, man. Liberty City? Yeah, Liberty City.

Hey, let me ask you something. What is money? Money? Money? Oh, my god, money is everything. Money is the evil. Money is evil, man. Money is..

. You wanna be on camera? Wanna answer some questions? Ask me questions, bro. Could you get back a foot or two? Let me get a shot of frame. Okay, perfect. What's your name? My name is Paul. And where are you from, Paul? I'm from the Ukraine.

Ukraine? The motherfucking Ukraine. That's an important country right now. Exactly. And you flew all the way over here? All the way over here from Ukraine, almost 14-hour flight, 14-hour flight. We got here with bitcoins. Yeah, you know something about bitcoin? Yeah, we know a lot about bitcoins.

What do you think about bitcoin? You don't know what I know, what I can do, who I am. Oh, I'm not saying this in the camera, bro. We can't speak on bitcoin So tell me what's your name? My name is Abraham, bro. And is this your first Ultra? No, this would be my second one. And where are you from? I'm from Venezuela. Oh, wow, you live in Venezuela, or you live in Miami? No, I'm living here, and I'm fucking experiencing this fucking Ultra, and you know what? I know I'm on camera, but this is awesome.

You should come here. Go Care Bears! So do you know anything about bitcoin? I know a lot about bitcoin. What do you know about bitcoin? I know, well, their worth is worth a lot more than when I started, so the 800 I bought a couple years ago is worth a lot more money now. Nice, okay. Good for you. And how do you think bitcoin plays into an event like this.

Well, you see, being an international currency used across the entire internet, it's got a lot of uses. But we're looking at music festivals, and this is a drug free world, but bitcoins most widely used on the Silk Road. That makes a lot of sense. Do you think that's the original killer app for bitcoin? I feel like it's the most useful one currently. Money holds no value. The currency now, paper money, has no fucking value, dude, but a bitcoin holds constant value, because it has no actual existence.

Its existence is currency which is from all parts of the world put into one stable currency. In all reality, it could help solve a lot of the problems we have now with money holding no value, like the gold standard falling apart, international debt beyond all countries. The bitcoin itself is just actually a limitless amount of currency that doesn't actually exist. It's like cloud banking. so you're pretty dialed into the promotional world. Do you think that a lot of promotors know of bitcoin at this point? I think a lot of people that know anything of the internet world or anything that has to do with all of this kind of shit, festival life, know what bitcoins are because of its use.

The things that people usually buy with bitcoins, they buy with bitcoins due to a safety standard on the internet, anonymity. You don't know me. I don't know you. I'm a screen name, and that screen name has a value next to it. Your net worth on the net, on bitcoin, on things like Silk Road, it makes you invisible to anyone else. All you are is a name that changes daily.

It's safe. so you think that bitcoin removes the counter-party risk, the risk of a third-party in between two people from... From the middleman. There's no fucking middleman.

There's a... I don't wanna call it a bank. It's just a storage, bro. It's where you store something that doesn't actually exist that is given a worth by the people who all use it.

It's as great of a value as it is as much of a risk, because at any point in time, it can be completely obsolete. So do you think that a lot of the contraband that goes around something like this is, at one point or another, emanating from Silk Road at this point? Or do you think not? If you're fucking smart, it is. That sounds like good advice for anybody. Do you wanna say anything else to the audience, any of the people on bitcoin right now that are watching you? Yeah, man, first of all, pay attention to what you do with your money. Always test what you get, and don't give it out for free, because that shit does have value, a lot more than paper money, man. Hello, party people! What is money? Money is useless.

Money is useless? Money is useless. So how did you get here? How'd I get here? Actually I have a friend who's staying with me, who's the one I'm staying with, and basically I bought an Ultra ticket. And what'd you buy it with? Money. What is money? Money is the shit that makes people kill people and buys you hookers! What is money? Money? It's terrible. Money's terrible. So you don't want money? Let's see.

Yes, money. It's pretty much a way to control us. So you want... We need it.

It needs us. So money is you. Yes. What does money need you for? To distribute it. What's your favorite kind of money? I like the $5 bill. It's not a $10 bill or a $20, but it's still got some worth.

It's a real MVP. And so what is money made out of? Paper? Okay. Does that mean gold isn't money? Well, it has some type of a value to it, so yeah, to some people, gold is money. So then money isn't always made out of paper? Not necessarily, no. So then what is money made out of? Anything of value. Anything of value.

So gold has value? Yeah. And why does it have value? Are you trying to make me sound dumb? You must know a lot about money. What is money? Money is the root of all evil. Everybody wants it. I'm here to grant wishes. So do you want money? I'm gonna have a lot of money real soon.

I'm gonna be super rich, stupid rich and famous. Would that make you super, super evil? No, it wouldn't. I'm gonna be real humble with my money, and I'm gonna help others. So it's the root of all evil for everybody but you. But me, that's correct, because I am the king. Yes, he's the king.

Thank you. Well, we're all individual evangelists, we would call ourselves. It's evangelism. That's basically what we're here to do, proclaim the truth. Right, and I can see that. How are you being received today? Are people heckling you? Are they being nice? Are they being totally rude? A mixture of everything.

So mainly, the majority of it is rude and, "Get out of my face." You must do this at other events and stuff too, I would think, so is this... You're used to it? You got thick skin? Yeah, but this takes a little bit thicker skin. Yeah, it's something that takes a lot of, for us, prayer and things like that.

This is something that a lot of people come to obviously. Right, well, that's why you're here. That's why I'm here. I'm even getting a little bit of heckling too. Not everyone wants to be on camera. Oh, wait, hold on a second.

Hold on a second. The Bible says... You guys see this, what we have right here? Yeah, he says the Bible's fiction, and you know what? Some people maybe say, "I don't believe in God." Okay, I got some footage of your buddy over there.

I thought it was useful. It gets the audience an understanding of what it is you guys do. It's not easy. Tell me a little bit about what this is exactly, because I've noticed this. So let me show the camera real quick. What we're looking at here is clearly something that's very inspired by the US dollar.

On the back I see there's an emphasis of "In God We Trust." Can I keep this? Absolutely. So tell me what is the strategy here? What is it that you're doing? Well, this isn't your everyday gospel tract. This one is most commonly known because of Living Waters, but it has two concepts of it. It has a basis of the gospel, which is your everyday gospel tract, but it also uses that essence of the law, which is what draws a man to Christ. So that's what we use, that technique.

That way it leaves us dry. We need a savior, and it leaves all men guilty. So now you're clearly representing these bills to attract people's attention, because I think people think it's money. And that's cool. it's actually about what I talk a lot about is money. Now, what is money to you? What do you think money is? It's currency.

It has something backed up by, absolutely. It's a form of... Yeah, back then they used to barter, trade, things like that, things of that nature. As you can see, what we're handing out is just as legitimate as what we have in our pocket.

Well, and then right, now you said money is backed up by something. Absolutely. But what's the money in your pocket backed up by? Absolutely nothing. Okay, so then is that not money then? No. It's not money? No. So then what is money? Silver or gold.

Silver or gold is money. Or something along those lines, yes. Gotcha. So silver and gold are money. And why is it that silver and gold is money? Because that's something that's mined typically. There are things that are hard labor.

It's something of an essence to a precious metal, so there are ways that people choose, over the history, chose gold, silver, things of that nature. But people barter, just as legitimate, work, services. So money is something that takes effort to extract from the ground? Well, not necessarily. It could be mined in other forms. I like your shirt, bitcoin. I use bitcoin personally for business.

The first person here that uses bitcoin. I haven't been mentioning bitcoin. Because my channel's about money in general, but it's often in the theme of bitcoins. So tell me, what do you think of bitcoin? What do you know about bitcoin? It's just I have a ministry, so it's a lot of pro-liberty people are more leaning towards bitcoin. So in an effort to appease that genre of folks, make it available for them as well. So do you think bitcoin is money? Yes, I do, yeah.