What does Chicken Man think of Virtual Currency?

What does Chicken Man think of Virtual Currency?

Chickenman thinks virtual currency tastes good, like Chicken. Chickenman number Two does not like the Internet right now. This video was shot at booth BB19 at "the Swap Shop" in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The Swap Shop is South Florida's oldest and largest flea market. It's where Steve-O got his start, and now it brings us Chicken Man. Eat it up, Eat it up. MMMmmmm mmmm.


So I'm walking down the corner here at the Swap Shop and somebody got my attention, and their name is? Chicken Man. Name is Chicken Man. So yeah, Chicken Man saw us, and wanted to know what we're doing. And I figured, "What the hell? Let's talk to Chicken Man." Chicken Man, how long have you been here at the Swap Shop? About nine years. Nine years.

So you've probably seen this place change a lot, or not at all? Change a lot. Chicken is great. Okay. And what kind of changes have you seen over the last nine years? Well, because of technology, you see a lot more people, businesses online, using the Internet more as opposed to a regular flea market. We got a lot of people using technology now. Chicken is great.

Where did you get that chicken by the way? Is that here in the food court? Right here in the food court. Okay, I'm going to check that out later. Chicken is great. Right next to . . .

What is the name of that spot? Subway. It's right next to Subway. But it's a chicken place, and I'm Chicken Man. So Chicken Man, you've been seeing the Internet more and more. Tell me, how does the Internet change things here? Are people using it for their, like, terminals to process sales? Are they using it for advertisements? Absolutely. Process sales, advertisement, marketing, you know, customer base, you know .

. . I don't like the Internet right now. You don't like the Internet right now? That's Chicken Man Number Two. Why don't you come over here? Why don't you tell me why you don't like the internet? Why? Hold on, hold on, get in the microphone. Because .

. . Chicken's great. Mix tape is my business and the internet kind of kills it because everybody says, "I don't need a CD. I could go online." I hate to hear that line, so that's the part I hate about the internet.

Well see, we even found a niche. We found our niche. If you can see, when the camera man zooms in, after I'm finishing my chicken, we have a lot of classics, nothing but classics, hard-to-find albums. By the way, we're Garanimal Entertainment at Swap Shop, Booth BB19. You can find us anywhere, online. You come here.

You get classics. We've got vinyls. We've got cassettes, classic albums, classic movies, T-shirts, hats and then, you know, adult section is under construction right now. Chicken is great. Oh man, I can see a little bit of it back there. That sounds like something worth checking out when it's done.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's going to be nice, going to be real nice. But adults only. So let me ask you something. What I talk about on my channel is digital currencies. What do you know about digital currencies? Well, everything.

Most of the things that we talk about, you know, as far as people getting money online, through the internet, which is a great way to get paid. Now you don't have to wait for somebody to pay. That's 24-hour money, basically. You can get paid 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 366 if it's a Leap Year. But you get paid online 24 hours while you're sleeping. So as opposed to me being here when I close, I still make money.

Someone's order, I got to check my orders when I get home, you know, and of course there's money waiting. I got to send out orders and "boom," so digital currency is great. I love it. So what do you know about, more specifically . . .

Like this chicken. Digital currency is as good as the chicken? Mm. Just as good as the chicken. You see I was tearing this up. Look I'm on the bone, digital currency. Look.

Eat it up. Eat it up. Look. I'm a good camera man. Eat it up, digital currency. Well, I think that that probably wraps it up for that interview.

You can't beat that exit. All right, guys, we'll check in with you later. We're going to explore the Swap Shop some more, and we'll show you what we find. The Chicken Man did wonderful.