What does the Bitcoin Bowl mean for Bitcoin?

What does the Bitcoin Bowl mean for Bitcoin?

What is the Bitcoin bowl, and what does it mean for the cryptocurrency movement? Who's taking interest in this protocol, and where do we go from here? In this ...


What's up party people, Chris DeRose here, community director of the Counterparty Foundation and today we're going to celebrate a different kind of party, we're going to talk about the Bitcoin bowl, so let's discuss this, let's see what the issues are around the big event why I'm so hyped and why the community is so excited, so I think the question is really to frame this in is What does the Bitcoin Bowl mean for Bitcoin? What is it that's so important about the Bitcoin bowl? So yeah let's explore that topic. So, and I've been doing Bitcoin for a number of years now. I don't know exactly how many, four, five, something like that. A good while. And this started as a little hacker toy, this was like a kind of fun thing, and then it got a little scandalous, it got a little weird, as people started to realized there's a lot of power to this thing. And then it's kind of now started to become just so mainstream, I look at today at all the things that are happening, we had the Amex CEO talking about how his product doesn't compete with Bitcoin, but that it's even begging the question is kind of a big deal.

You know, of course, I think it does compete very much with American Express. But that's a different video. So, yeah, so the Bitcoin bowl. Well let's see there's sports fans watching it there's families watching it, there's ESPN tackling this, and all of that community involved in this sort of day after Christmas event that's going to be on national television, and all these people are going to be saying "What the hell is this Bitcoin thing?" I think a lot of people still think it's either a company that is Bitcoin or maybe its some kind of weird multi-level marketing thing and obviously we know that that's not at all what it is. It's going to be a little confusing because it's Bitpay that's sponsored the Bitcoin bowl and nonetheless Bitpay is choosing to stamp the Bitcoin bowl itself as the label of the event and all of the actual announcements so for people seeing it they're going to think maybe Bitcoin is a company but who knows maybe they're seeing this video and they're starting to see more of an explanation on my channel of what it is. I think that what we're seeing here really is that Bitcoin's becoming so mainstream.

I think people are going to start asking the questions "What is this?" Finally, like it's everywhere, what the hell is going on. And they'll start to get answers. Is it a company? No. It's a protocol. Is it a currency? Maybe. It's a commodity.

What is it that I can do with programmable money. And on and on and on. As the community director of the Counterparty foundation. I think that Counterparty isn't nearly on everyone's minds the way Bitcoin is, but that's ok. I certainly think that it will be over time, and it's nice to see this first step in the process for people really getting used to a world where there are digital currencies and cryptographic currencies and such that are available to them. So, all of these events really help in sort of shaping the public opinion, creating an awareness of what this is.

Really just getting people to ask the questions, to which they'll find answers like I offer on my channel. So hopefully maybe some of these people end up subscribing to this channel and they see all the stuff that you guys are seeing on a regular basis where we discuss the issues and explore the concepts and all of that. And really just make people comfortable, I see so many parallels with the Internet and the early days of the Internet here with Bitcoin. And if I put it back in terms of the early Internet, I don't know where we are maybe ninety-two, ninety-one, or ninety-four...

When the Internet and e-mail and all these things were new to people. And you know, for some of the audience members that are listening to this maybe you're not old enough to remember, but there were a lot of skeptics, you can look I think Time magazine did a thing about how the Internet wasn't that useful. Paul Krugman said that it's only going to be as useful as fax machines, well we kind of went through that phase a little bit already with Bitcoin. And it's still going on, but events like this start taking it to the next step, where it's no longer a laugh at you phase, and I don't know do "they" start fighting with us, sort of, you know Amex versus Bitcoin, or is it just acceptance. People embrace it. We shall see.

But what is certain is I'm really hyped about the game. I'm really hyped to see the coverage around the game. And I hope that you are as well. I'm going to go out there myself, I'm going to be doing some videos. So you'll hopefully see me there. Either afterwards on youtube.

Or who knows maybe I'll be in the corner on ESPN somewhere waving hi to all of you. Bitpay was really gracious, and so was Trucoin! Thanks guys at Trucoin, for getting me access to the event, and a lot of the people here in the Florida community access to the event free of charge, which was very gracious. So yeah, look for me on TV maybe, look for me on youtube always. Subscribe to the channel if you like what you're hearing, and if you have questions about Bitcoin. Ask me on twitter I'm @derosetech and by email I'm

If you're a new person to this video format I want to be helpful to you. If you found out about this because you did a search for Bitcoin as a result of the Bitcoin Bowl, let me know and tell me where you're stuck. I'd love to help you. Thanks a lot guys!