What's the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

What's the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

Are you new to Bitcoin, and looking for a wallet app? Wondering what the differences are between the wallets? In this video I discuss my favorites (hint: ...


What's up party people? Chris DeRose here in Ft. Lauderdale Beach answering your questions today. I'm going to choose an easy one this time. It's a popular question and it's a little bit less complicated than I typically answer. But the question is this, what's the best Bitcoin wallet? Now, clearly that's a subjective opinion. And everybody has one and I don't want to piss too many people off so I'm going to choose one of my favorite, or a couple of my favorites and just explore why I like them.

So let's begin. Yeah, so there's a lot of different features that you would look for in a Bitcoin wallet. I've been using Bitcoin for a while. I've been using Bitcoin back when there wasn't anything but one wallet, the Bitcoind wallet that came with things and since then, things have changed a lot. I would no longer recommend that wallet to much of anyone. It's a very useful tool, but not what you should be running if you're asking this question.

Like right now I use on my phone typically the Mycelium wallet. I've met some of the people in that project, they've been really nice people, they're really committed to what they're doing, and they offer a nice HD feature wherein you can more or less obfuscate your source address and your output address based on an HD key. That'll be another video you can look forward to at some point. But what it generally adds is a level of anonymity built into the wallet. So I think that's a really nice feature. It's a free tool and you can download it on Android.

It does not exist for iOS. So let's talk about in another wallet that I like, that I've used for many years as well. That would be the wallet. That does exist in iOS, so if you're an Apple iPhone user that would be what I'd recommend. That also works with their website as well.

So that may be even what you want to use even on your PC. It's a very good tool. I wouldn't cast aspersions on that at all. Even though I use Mycelium I think as my primary wallet in my phone, the app and wallet is really wonderful. So I'd recommend that.

They have some cool features there as well like two factor authentication, which you should always enable. And they will email you your keys and such when it's actually set up. A little pro tip, if they email you your keys go and print that out and then take it out of your inbox, just in case your email's compromised. That could be a problem. So those are the two big mobile apps that I use and of course Blockchain has a desktop or a graphical app component. But being the community director at the Counterparty Project, I can't help but also recommend our own wallet.

Counterparty has a web wallet and because Counterparty works part and parcel with Bitcoin, the Counterparty wallet works with Bitcoin and it works with Bitcoin addresses, so it will do anything you can expect from any other Bitcoin wallet. And it's a great wallet. It's a nice app. Of course it supports extra features that are Counterparty only, such as user-defined assets and such. So I'm a big fan of the Counterparty wallet as well and I do use it actually on my desktop typically as my primary wallet in addition to the Mycelium wallet on my phone. So I can't recommend that enough.

Definitely look into it. But those are the big wallet apps I'm using right now. That's what I would recommend. There's no best of course, so if you think that I left your wallet out or your favorite wallet out, let me know and maybe I'll cover it at some degree on the show. Send me an email and tweet me on Twitter @derosetech and subscribe to the channel if you like the video.

I'd love to hear from you guys.