Where Does Chris DeRose Get His Hats?

Where Does Chris DeRose Get His Hats?

Since this is probably my most asked question, I figured it'd be a good time to finally answer it. It's always process, so I figured I'd try my best to communicate how ...


What's up party people! Chris DeRose here, community director of the Counterparty Foundation, and in today's video I want to answer a question that a lot of you have been asking us lately, and that question is, "Where do we get the hats?" So I'm gonna take you out, and show you a little bit of my town, and show you my milliner, and who he is, and how it works and get that question answered. Let's do it! So you guys want to eat lunch before we go get the hats, or what do you think we should do? Lunch has to happen. I'd like to do lunch. I wouldn't mind Mexican food. I think Mexican's pretty good. What's that place on US-1 there.

Anonymous person in the back? All right. We're gonna go. So Josh. . . Yeah? Let's talk about something Bitcoin-related.

Okay. What's a good thing to have out of the car? We have the meeting tonight. We do have the meeting tonight. Where's the meeting at? Boca. It's in Boca? Bruce's [SP] room. Dante's organizing it? Yeah.

Love Dante meetings. Dante meetings are the best meetings. Dante's a Florida man. We're getting Dante a hat today, everybody. Are we getting him a hat? I think he wants an FL Man. FL Man? All right, we'll get him FL Man.

We thought a lot about it. Dante is a Florida man, and he needs a moniker atop his head. Yeah. Well, that would be the best moniker. Little-known fact about Josh is that he was born and raised on some kind of Christian commune. He knows everything about everything about Jesus.

What hats are you going to get today? I'm gonna ask about religious symbols. Oh, is that what you're doing? Why don't you look over it over lunch then. Look at what? I don't know, religious symbols. Well doesn't he have a list of them? I don't know. How does this work? I only thought that. .

. I've never seen where Chris gets his hats. He's kept this a secret. That's not true. You're right. I was just trying to build suspense.

It's really a very uneventful thing but, since everyone's been asking, I felt like I guess I had to oblige. That's what I do: answer questions. Did you fart? No, I didn't. There's a bug in here. Can you read off that comment from the listener today, or from the viewer today? What's his name? PussyShart, PussyShart12 or something? Sure, let me find it. So this comment came from.

.. FartBlisterSluts. FartBlisterSluts, you made me laugh today. Read it out for the audience. Fuck.

You must be the biggest fucking basement-dwelling faggot to actually post TMZ-style rumor and opinion vlogs about Reddit. I don't know you, but fuck! You're a fucking sad cunt. That was it. Once again, thank you, and I love those comments guys. Keep them coming. They really make my day.

You have no idea. I read every single one of them. It's not as funny as the time someone called you a douchelet [SP]. Chris is manic. He gets a little bit of a tunnel vision, so when he sees something that interests him, he looks at it and, like a squirrel, he runs to it and sticks it in his mouth, generally, without knowing whether it's food or not. So like today, for example, when we got to the mall, he saw a shiny car, and he ran at it.

So that was weird. Douchelet was the thing that really got this whole thing started. It really did. The douchelet comment. I didn't know that this would be fun until that. .

. whoever that person was, you started this. Thank you. He called me a little douchelet. For a good reason. I mean, I am a little douchelet.

You're a douchlet. But that is what the show is about, and he got it, and I realized that the show had potential. We were making a good, solid message. So, tell the audience where am I at. You're at The Whole Enchilada in Oakland Park, the first location of three. And we have all fresh ingredients, and we're.

.. What separates us from other taco places is we serve like a fish and shrimp, and fresh steak ready to order for you. All right so what do you recommend I get? Like I was telling the gentleman before, our fish and shrimp tacos, we're known for those. They're really awesome. Our quesadillas are really good.

Let's do it. Fish and shrimp tacos. Fish and shrimp tacos. Do you want to do one of each? Yeah. sauce, it has chipotle sauce. I'll have one fish.

One fish? What's the deal with John Whelan? He showed up yesterday, and he said something about how there's no use for Bitcoin, so I called him out on it, and he went back, edited his comment so that it made any sense at all, and then told me that I read it wrong. And how do you feel about the booger that you put on your face earlier? Where's that? On your left cheek. That little. . . he did put it on my face.

Is that what that was? I wondered what that was. That's disgusting. Oh, that's disgusting. I mean there's the obvious use case for Bitcoin in retail. That's the killer app has been so proved thus far. It's not like you can say that Bitcoin doesn't work for retail.

It just doesn't work for the kind of retail that you can have a brick and mortar business. Good point. Which is why Bitcoin is useful, by the way. It displaces the need for a lot of that. That's actually very. .

. a lot of Bitcoiners want to not discuss the use of Bitcoin for the purpose of activities that are illegal. It's a little obtuse because Bitcoin definitely is best for those activities. It's like the internet was best for those activities. Well, and Tim Swanson, by the way, he's one of those people. I can't figure out Tim Swanson's deal.

Because he writes really well, and he's got a lot of research that goes into his articles, and I read them, but his conclusions are bass-ackwards sometimes. It's just totally bass-ackwards. So like this would be a good example. I think Tim Swanson's of the opinion that Bitcoin being used for drug purchases makes it somehow not usable, which is bizarre, for all the obvious reasons that cash is usable. But it's also bizarre because that's the toughest market to make it in. I don't know, is that the highest regulated or the least regulated market? And sidestep over that.

It's probably the most regulated market, right. Oh, that's disgusting. Oh god did I get it? No one knows. That's awful. You know, I used to think that you needed to regulate drugs and drug sales, and as I learned about finance I realized the opposite. It's not that we need to regulate it, it's that we regulate it too much, and we need to deregulate it.

It's funny how that works. It's so regulated that it had to be put on the black market. Right. Well even that is, in a weird way, part of regulation because they're essentially mandated that a small handful of providers outside of the country are the ones that will manufacture it and sell it, and they've also, in a weird way, regulated that it be sold in certain neighborhoods, and by lack of any quality control standards or identity standards or otherwise to children. Which is weird. Don't know how that passed, but it seems like that's what happened.

Tragedy. Chris recently decided to become a brony. So he's basically been - which goes along with his manic stuff - been watching My Little Pony episodes nonstop. Everyday. All day. He knows every character from My Little Pony; loves them.

I'm a little upset by that, but it was predictable, frankly. Okay. So we're sitting in the Counterparty channel a couple weeks ago and Snitches comes in and says she's got a new business, right? And she's basically declaring that she's going to get off Counterparty because there's so many assholes in the channel, i.e., me. It's me.

Let's be honest. So I'm okay with that. But I figure if she's gonna start a new business, I'm very curious as to what is is. Especially if it's something that could have benefitted from Counterparty, but now that she's not on Counterparty. . .

She didn't do it because Counterparty didn't offer algorithms. That was it. Counterparty doesn't do algorithms. Something like that. We gotta find the tweet. We'll find the tweet.

Tweeted it. Counterparty doesn't support algorithms. So she decided she couldn't use Counterparty for it. So we asked her what the project was, and she said it was called Etherparty. Which I had heard of before. Etherparty, I thought was a joke because Counterparty offers etheream functionality on the bitcoin block chain.

So Etherparty, I thought, offered Counterparty functionality which was ether, etherium's [SP]. . . So Counterparty functionality, which is a Turing-complete programming language...

Yeah. ...on the bitcoin blockchain. So now Etherparty would offer a Turing-complete programming language on Etherium, which is built on a Turing-complete.

.. on the basis of having a Turing-complete programming language. Even more obtuse than that, it emulates Counterparty which emulates Etherium. So it's just like emulating the original platform it's built on, thus negating the need for it, so I thought it was a joke. Yeah.

Right. It was a funny joke. It was hysterical. Very funny. Yeah, and . .

. But it's not a joke. But it's not a. . . So.

. . She brings in the developer into the channel who's a guy named Jack Whit, and when he came into the channel, I made asshole comments because that's what I do. And he. . .

I started asking the guy questions that-, I just was wondering what the hell he was talking about and what he was doing because he was actually pretty bright. Like Whit, if you're watching, you're not a dumb guy. But you're just like 80% there. So I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and he comes back and forth into the channel. You see me on Twitter, and it's like an 80% thing every time. And sure enough he brings Vitalica [SP] into the channel, and then like, praises Vitalica like he's the lord-- All hail Vitalica! Yeah.

He was doing the whole Vitalica thing. Vitalica! We should probably do that hat today. Vitalica has to happen. So he was doing the whole Vitalica thing, and. . .

Vitalica! And, where did it go? We left it at that. We asked him questions. Vitalica left because he couldn't answer them. Vitalica! And then nothing more, until today somebody brought to our attention an interview with Whit Jack; lo and behold...

Etherparty has to do a lot more with smart contracts. I'm the co-founder of that. Whit Jack is 15! He's a 15-year-old in Bitcoin. Can you imagine? Which, as we all know, is evidence of the fact that, as I say regularly, Bitcoin is run by 16-year olds. So, thank you, Whit. Thank you.

And good luck, Lisa. I hope that project works out for you. Snitches. Who the fuck. . .

oh god the Orlando people. Oh my god. . . Orlando. Oh, I hate Libertarians.

So we got this problem in Florida, and it's called Orlando, which. . . We need a groan effect for Orlando. Unlike everybody else in Bitcoin who's reasonable, there's Orlando, who is stuck in like I guess 2011-era thinking, but worse than that, everything is a goddamn conspiracy. .

. Conspiracy. Those fucking libertarians... Worst conspiracies.

They're trying to get there. They're lagging behind every other section of the state in terms of their meetup structures, their regularity in attendance. And it's because they push these wacko libertarian things on everybody who shows up. If you go to learn about Bitcoin you have to learn about the Rothschilds, and the. . .

The Rothbard. The Bards, and who else? And the Gards. There's so many of them. The Gards, the Roths, the Bards, and the Meesons [SP]. Oh my god they're all read the same five books that were written 300 years ago, who the fuck knows. And they like them, not because they're good content, but because they're.

. . Short. Short and the names sounded impressive. They're easy to read. Yeah.

So and then they recite them. And then that's when they stopped reading. They never read anything after that. Bastiat. You gotta read The Law. You gotta read The Law.

That's good. These things are good. They're interesting books. Read them. You should read them all. And you should keep on reading.

So I've known Josh for a while, and I used to just tell people that he was weird, but as time went on, a little more clinical evidence weighed in. It turns out he just has Asperger's. So, nothing wrong there. What did we learn about Newton? Wasn't Newton an alchemist? Newton was an alchemist, and Newton died a virgin. Yeah. That one's a new one for me.

I actually think that's wonderful that he died a virgin. Newton-- That's why he probably did so much. That's why he did so much. He wasn't distracted. That's my point. Pussy is a distraction.

Yeah. That's why. . . -That's why Chris and I dedicated our lives to eschewing women. Yeah.

Yeah. Minus the anonymous woman in back. Whom we love. So tell us about some of Chris's quirks that you don't realize anymore. That I don't realize? That you don't notice anymore. Quirks that I don't notice anymore.

Or that you inherited. There's I guess the wearing of hats. I will say Chris is way better at like object permanence than I am. We went and saw Forrest Whitaker in a restaurant, and I thought he was just a fat black guy. And Chris was like, "I think that's a celebrity." And he like pulls him up and he shows me the picture.

I had to search for black actors. He shows me a picture on the interwebs, he says, "This is him." And I looked it, and then I looked at the guy and I was like, "That's not him." And it was. It was a weird racist search to have to do. It was a really racist one.

You feel really racist when you're like, "The black actor guy." It's like searching for "black science guy." There's only like four that pop up though. I know. That's why I feel terrible. And in the search Google is frowning on you.

Like the little buzzer goes off and they're like racial sensitivity department... Ellen Pao would be very sad. Can you imagine Ellen Pao as the CEO of Google? No. She wouldn't let you search for that.

Yeah. She's trying to create "safe spaces" on the internet. She would turn it down and be like, "No! No searching that! No results for you." So as we were pulling into the plaza, I saw...

Well, I didn't know what it was, but let's just say it blinded me. It was so bright, I had to go follow this thing and figure out what the fuck it was, and well, let's go find out. I'm David. David? Yes. Can you just speak it a little louder if you don't mind. I'm David.

You're David? Yes. And David, tell us about your car. Well, it's a disco ball car. And one day I just didn't like the way it was looking. It was just white. It was just plain white.

And what I did from that was I wanted to... I never liked the pinstripes. So what I did was I put one side of this from the pinstripe all the way across. And what happened was, it just spawned from one pinstripe to the whole entire car.

I love it. And do you get comments on your car often? Yeah people always take pictures. People always come up to me and ask me questions. Tell us about your life here in Florida. What is it you do, what are you here for? I am an actor. No way! Yes.

I generally also do behind the film as well. I do everything, you know? Jack of all trades. Where can we see you? A bunch of Youtube stuff or local TV? You can see me on local TV. Yeah. Do you think people will ever believe that I'm Jesus? Yeah. So I've coming to the Coral Ridge Mall since I was a kid.

I don't know how to describe it. It's kind of a failed mall-turned successful plaza, and you come to it and you see bits and pieces of what was the mall, that is now been converted into a normal strip mall. But in between all the major anchor stores are these little places that are like afterthoughts. So I found this place by accident. It wasn't something that really jumped out at me. I was looking for a while and I never go to malls anymore, and finally someone suggested I go to the mall and talk to the guy at the mall.

Sure enough there's a guy here, and he's got a little kiosk deal. But I think he's probably like the kind of guy you find in your own town. I suspect that there's not any other places that don't have a little hat store at the mall now. So if you want your own Chris DeRose-style hat, you can do it yourself. It's really easy. DIY.

People have been asking to buy my hats and I'm like, "I'm not gonna get into the hat-making business." But, I can show you today how you can get into the hat-making business and sell your own Chris DeRose-style hats, or just buy the ones you want. So I look forward to seeing any that you guys make. You make some, send them to me. I'll retweet them and really laugh a lot seeing what you come up with. All right, let's see what we find.

Hey, what's up buddy? How are you? Very well. You remember me? Yeah, for sure. Thank you. Yeah, so, are you eating lunch? Yeah. Yeah. So, we'd like to buy some hats.

Hello. How are you? What's your name? Alfredo. Alfredo. This is Alfredo. Alfredo runs the. .

. what's the name of the store? Just like the pasta. Embroidery Plus. Embroidery Plus. Is this a chain, or is this like the only one? Are there multiple of these? Are you a franchise? We have two more. Pompano beach and-- Pompano beach and where else? And Sample Road.

And Sample Road. Yeah. So it's like as big as MacDonald's. Maybe. In the future. Close.

So I guess we're probably going to do our usual thing. I'm going to get a couple hats. Same thing I usually do. Same thing like that? All right. How many? I'm not sure. How many do you want today? We definitely want FL Man.

Well. We need FL Man, F-L-M-A-N. All right. And then do you have any...

I need some religious symbols. You got some of these? Yeah. Sure. Let me show you. Oh ho, ho! Ho! Oh, we scored! All right. What else we got? Cross? Cross is good.

Some Vishnu. Yeah. That's another religion. Oh another religion. We can't have that. That one is good.

Like the Commandments. The Commandments are great. Jewish... And that is all of them.

That's a lot of religious symbols. Yeah. I know. Which one do you prefer? So I'm going to get two hats. One so I can do away with this one because this one says Coyo Taco on the back. So you've got which one there? There you go.

Same thing? Same thing. That one. All white? All white. Just like that. And then I'll do another one. Is there commandments? Commandments or a cross.

Sacred Blessed Heart of the Mother Mary, Jesus... Maybe he has a heart. What about that right there? Okay. Okay, sure.

Yeah! I like that. Sure. That's a good one. That's a good one. Here's..

. Well, hold on a second, maybe you can weigh in on this. We've got Vitalica. Vitalica! We have money, markets. We've got Nacka-what [SP]. Nacka! We've got nackabunga [SP].

Nackabunga! ChrisL Nackabunga. We've got BitCoin with a capital C. I like that. There's that. And I think that's most. .

. Well I like fungible. Fungible. Fungible? Fungible. It's great. Fungible.

Okay so we're going to do Fungible. What did we have for Dante? Florida? FL Man. FL Man. I would do here, could you just do 301+. I like that. You think so? Three-oh-one plus, but that's so esoteric.

.. Three-oh-one plus would be another hat, I don't know if that's too esoteric because if you're a YouTuber you know what it is. It means that you're like totally scoring on your view count that they had to stop it. Nobody knows that that is. In any case.

Which is why it's great. I think everybody who's ever posted a video knows what 301+ is. That is false. All right, so we're not going to get 301+. We're going to do fungible; we're gonna do..

. Do you want to do Max AF, maybe? Max AF? What about High AF? I thought about High AF, that's not bad, but I think we do Max AF first. What is Max AF? Max is fuck. Bitcoin maximalist. Oh, I see. You're smart.

Yeah. Oh you know what? People have been calling me a hipster for the past week, and I think it's... I'm not a hipster. I didn't think I was a hipster, but people have been saying it.

I've gotten it a lot of places, so there's that. I'm pretty sure it's the glasses though. And the beard, which I'm told is disgusting. So that just makes me want to keep it more. Here. See you soon.

Take care. Yeah I will be back in a couple days, or something like that. Yeah so they're usually ready, in about, I guess an hour or so or something like that. I come back in a couple of days. It's not like I have an important business meeting to wear this to. Though there are times where I need one for a conference specifically, and certainly FL Man needs his hat to wear.

He needs it right away. Because yeah. That's who he is. I'm looking forward to seeing Dante tonight. You are. I always love seeing Dante.

He's one of my favorite people. Dante's great. He's got stories of Florida like nobody else. No one else. And if we're lucky, maybe we'll get him to tell them on the channel at some point, but who knows. Geez, I'm jealous just looking at that girl.

I'm... jealous. That's a nice setup. Why don't you show that woman right there.

That's a lot of men to dote on her. All right so that's it. That's where I get my hats made. That's the process; there's not much to it. As you can see it's really a routine for me, certainly at this point. But you can do it too, and I'd like to see you guys do it.

I have enough requests by now that I think probably some of you are interested in having your own Chris DeRose-style hat. So come up with something clever, come up with something entertaining. Share it with me and I'll share it with the channel. I'd like to have some fun with it. There's a bit of a technique to it. You've got to pick something that is small, that stands for a larger whole.

Ideally that you're on the inside to know. So it's fun if you pick something obtuse that alienates you from non-Bitcoiners, but that is totally understood by Bitcoiners. So, let's see what you come up with. Probably you'll find something better than I could think of, and I certainly hope you do. Share it with me, and if you like this video check out all the other videos that I have. Probably if you've seen this video, you've seen other videos.

But hey! If you haven't yet, subscribe to the channel, I'd love to have you around. And Peace out party people! Chunk it up. Chunk up that deuce! Chunking up the deuce... Deuce! Later guys.

Anything else you want to tell the camera? No. That's all? That's all. All right. Now sign out booger face! Chris always wants me to chunk up the deuce. So..

. I guess that's... that's..