YT Cracker Talks Bitcoin, Miami, and Nerdcore

YT Cracker Talks Bitcoin, Miami, and Nerdcore

YTCracker is the quintessential digital gangster whose hits include the "The Link", "Barcade Date" and of course the notorious "Bitcoin Baron". What's YT up to ...


How's the camera looking? It's always looking good. It's got the two best looking people at the conference in it. Oh boy, that goes poorly for the conference here. The hatred. The shade's getting brown right now. Better watch out.

So I'm here with YTCracker. YT, you're kind of a staple at this point in the Bitcoin culture, I mean with the Bitcoin Baron Song plus just seeing you at the conferences and stuff. What do you think about Bitcoin right now in 2015? I don't feel any differently about it. I still love it. It's good. Don't sell yet.

Huddle. That's it. I think a lot of what's cool is, I think more people are starting to understand the blockchain technologies, the important part of Bitcoin or whatever, and the types of problem that that solves. So there's a whole ecosystem. Again, when I think about like last year, people started to realizing, "Wait. This is way more in depth than we thought it would be.

" It's just kind of like when we invented the wheel, we had no idea the tank was coming type thing. So it's just natural progression of human innovation. Yeah. You know I've always seen the Bitcoin community as like this weird sort of cash money club on the Internet. What do you think about the culture around it? Is that a solid comparison? You think it's changing? Are we still a cash money club? Were we ever a cash money club? I would say as a fellow evangelist of Bitcoin, I realize that when I'm talking to people that have no idea, it sounds like a cult. It really does.

When you get the circle jerk of everybody that's in the room like, "Yeah, to the moon, to the moon," and we're all making chants up, it's almost like some multi-level marketing scheme. So I understand why the perception is weird. But again, I think that now you have a lot of even just casual developers and stuff that may have no interest in the protocol itself starting to realize the benefits of the types of problems that it solves and stuff. So it's not just kind of a club anymore like where it was just these Bitcoin, and then every early adopter wants to see their money shoot up and stuff. We have the Darknet markets. Bitcoin's in the hands of drug dealers and arms dealers and stuff so it's just like cash.

It's awesome. It is what it is. I see that theme reflected in your work even to some degree. I always liked that. I don't know how intentional that is or if it's just the obvious consequence of talking about Bitcoin. In what sense? Into your music, in terms of your advocacy work.

You have an like an urban theme to you, right? So it's gonna blend into that, I think at some level. I consider it digital gangster. It's like this dichotomy where people just don't . . . They don't understand.

It's not the kid that's like . . . now people, if you're talking . . .

can I swear? Yeah, you can say any fucking thing you want. Talking shit on Call of Duty or whatever, and there's nine year old kids getting their houses swatted now. It's like, I remember when that was something you'd reserve for your worst enemy and now it's just like, every day somebody's getting swatted. Again, I think the more pervasive that the gangster culture gets in computers, maybe my music will have a place. Who knows? Whatever. So what do you think about South Florida? You come here every once in a while.

I don't know how often you come. Is it party town? Is there work to do? Is it a serious culture? Is it nothing but laughs? What do you think about South Florida? I kind of live out here part time. So I pretty much just . . . me, I don't mind humidity.

I don't mind frizzy hair. I don't mind showers. I don't mind any of that stuff. So I love South Florida. Usually here, it's 50% work, 50% play. Ask him where to get the good cocaine.

Good cocaine. I got some people we can call. We'll talk about that later. We don't do it on camera. So speaking of good cocaine, how does the culture compare to California? Is that the other part of the country you call home? Colorado too. Which has the best cocaine? Florida, naturally.

Well, we do something right down here. It's not just Florida man, apparently. No, no. So, I guess on that note, can we have you chunk up the Deuce of the South with me for the little title preview here? What is the Deuce the South? This is chunkin' up Deuce of the South. You've got to do it sideways. Chunkin' up the Deuce of the South, YTCracker.

I taught you something new about urban culture. Who would have guessed that would have happened? Maybe. All right guys, we'll check in with you in a little bit.